Interview with Barvina at Aspen Valley Polo Club

Barvina, the real name is Margaryta Voytenkova, a young Ukrainian influencer, model and rising singer with over 10 million followers and over 2 billion views across multiple platforms and media accounts. New generation in action. Exclusively for L'Officiel, she talks about a more glamorous side of her new excitement and love at Aspen Valley Polo Club.
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How did you open Polo for yourself?

This summer I traveled to Aspen, Colorado. Among other attractions there was a hidden gem, Aspen Valley polo Club. I heard a lot about this game so I was curious to try. 


You never learned the game, how did you manage to play?

Luckily for me I was blessed with the opportunity to take some lessons. The Polo School makes Polo attainable - Dedicated string of "quiet" horses that are used for The Polo School that have been trained specifically for amateur riders and teaching scenarios.  The Polo School at Grand Champions was created by once one of the most famous female polo star Melissa Ganzi to provide an opportunity for anyone to experience the sport of Polo and extend her passion for the sport to the next generation of Polo players.


What about the skill to ride a horse? Should you be an experienced rider?

The Polo School is dedicated to teaching polo to all ages, particularly grassroots youth Polo.

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Why is Polo considered a game for the elite, or even a game of the kings?

The game of polo allows a person to involve all the fundamentals of human. To win, the player must conquer several elements at once: master the contact with the horse,  feel and control yourself, have good coordination in the field.


Why play and not live, spending the same efforts on real tasks?

Playing polo a person develops and maintains those strengths that are rarely usable in the modern world sitting and driving lifestyle is dominated.


The modern world is not like primitive conditions, where you had to live in a flock, daily surviving protecting yourself and getting food. Therefore, everyday life does not make such challenges to engage human potential.

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But is it expensive?

Of course the richest people on the planet are among the players. They own horse farms, horses, and maintain a whole staff.


However, this is not necessary. You can be a member of a polo club. Pay a fixed price and have access to horse, training and games. I am totally in Love with the game and everyday trying to learn something new. 

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Model: Barvina (Margaryta Voytenkova)

Photographer: Artem Shestakov

Stylist/Creative: Nikita Kleshch

Makeup/Hair: Olga Anisko

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