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The founders of the "Alfa Leonis Club", Nadezhda Shubareva and Elena Couffin, work on the border between dreams and reality. From a coffee date with Chantal Tomass to a private dinner in Elsa Schiaparelli's apartment, a day planned by Elena Couffin and Nadezhda Shubareva will become a memory one will cherish forever.
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Nadezhda Shubareva and Elena Couffin
One day ,we realised that we could let others in on what happens behind the scenes of our activities and that this would surely provide people with a new and very interesting experience...

Can you tell us how the "Alfa Leonis Club" project started?

ELENA COUFFIN (E.C.): It started with our desire to share what happened behind the scenes at our work. Nadezhda Shubareva is the founder and head of "Gala Russe", which has organised tours of leading opera singers and ballet dancers in Monaco for over ten years. Thanks to her company, the inhabitants of the Cote d'Azur were able to get acquainted with choreographer Boris Eifman, to hear the live voices of legendary opera singers Ildar Abdrazakov, Aida Garifullina, and Vladimir Galouzine, and to discover many other talented performers and artists. Concerts have always been highly anticipated and very popular among international audience. My professional competencies are journalism and public relations. I have been working with well-known international media as a journalist for over 10 years. Now journalism has turned into my hobby, and consulting in the field of international PR into my main activity. For 5 years now, I have been a member of the jury of the "Villegiature Awards", which is an international competition in the field of hotel business. One day, we realised that we could let others in on what happens behind the scenes of our activities and that this would surely provide people with a new and very interesting experience. Showing what no one would be able to see without our help, encouraging one to subtly understand and see the real French "art de vivre", becoming acquainted with outstanding people, whose talent will become the property of history – these are our priorities. So far, the "Alfa Leonis Club" organises events in France and Monaco, but we plan to expand our activities.


As there is the word "Club" in the name of your company, are there principles you base your work on?

NADEZHDA SHUBAREVA (N.S.): Yes, initially we wanted to limit our activities to a group of like-minded people who are passionate about design, fashion, and art. However, we quickly realised that we could create an original concept that did not fit into the definition of a private club in its classical sense. We saw that "Alfa Leonis" would also be a kind of educational project focused on modern trends in luxury, fashion, design; on talented people and, of course, on how to spend your leisure time beautifully and profitably. We strive to enrich and diversify the life not only of those who participate in the programmes and events of "Alfa Leonis", but also of those who can only be with us in the virtual space of social networks. All people need to do is follow the announcements on our Instagram or on the "Alfa Leonis" website. The prices for participating vary from affordable to quite high, depending on the nature of the event.

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Photo on the left : Nadezhda Shubareva is the founder and head of « Gala Russe »,which has organised tours of leading opera singers and ballet dancers in Monaco for over ten years. Photo on the right : Elena Couffin have been working as a journalist with well-know international media. Now she is in the field of international PR activity.

Speaking about your Instagram, how did you manage to gain such a large audience in such a short time?

E.C.: We tend to publish what makes people dream, we often report cultural news ahead of any European press and go to places which only few can visit. Even during thelockdown, we constantly entertained our audience – we held online meetings with famous personalities, made reports and even cooked a gastronomic dinner together with a renowned French Chef. Announcements of "Alfa Leonis" events are also published on Instagram and we constantly keep in touch with the audience. We also pay considerable attention to our charitable activities when posting.


Could you tell us more about your charity projects? 

N.S.: We carry out international charitable activities. In St. Petersburg, we support «Project 3.14», which provides urgent targeted assistance to children who have serious diseases. We view such activities as extremely important. In 2021, "Alfa Leonis" acted as the general partner and trustee of two major charitable events: a concert by Dima Bilan and an evening at the Trubetskoy-Naryshkin Mansion, where the auction raised significant funds and the guests danced to Jony's songs. The donations collected thanks to the event paid the treatment of several children at once. "Helping is easy" has become our favourite slogan.


What plans does "Alfa Leonis" have for the future?

E.C.: We never repeat our events and programmes, there is something new and exclusive every time. We will continue to work with celebrities, as we believe that connecting with outstanding people is extremely enriching. We intend to expand the audience of our events and make them available to a wider circle of people although we will not abandon bespoke events and individual programmes developed according to the client's wishes.

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