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L'Officiel Monaco presents an exclusive Q&A with the best-selling author.
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Top: Dior. Necklace: Cartier

L'Officiel: You are our first cover girl who is a best-selling author. How did your career as a writer come about?

Steph: I studied for a Bachelor of Arts Degree in marketing and advertising. I then went on as an Art Director to work in the publishing industry. I was working across various magazines from Vogue, GQ, Harpers Bazaar, Marie Claire, Conde Nast Traveller and Net-a-Porter. I started a design studio on the side where I would be publishing coffee table books for clients. My first book was published in 2016 globally and printed in three different languages; French, German and English. You can still find it in the Galeries Lafayette in Paris. Since then, I have over 11 published books globally and one; ‘Fashion & Style’ that hit #1 Best-selling. It features interviews with some of the most stylish Parisians and has some of the best fashion tips!


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Photographer: Louise Betaille. Dress: Cinq a Sept. Silk Overlay Chaoshang

LO: As a Brand Ambassador, which has been one of your most special partnerships and why?

Steph: When I started as a Fashion Influencer in Australia in 2010, no one really knew what the term was. It was the very beginning of the world becoming more digital and instagram had just begun. I was invited to be a Brand Ambassador for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, that was a very special partnership for me. Since then I have partnered with many luxury brands.

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Photographer: Hana Le; VanBlazer: Dior. Shirt: Dior. Bag:Dior. Skirt; Dior

LO: What is the most special piece of clothing that you own and why is that the case?

Steph: I love finding unique vintage pieces. I seem to collect a lot of blazers since I am in Paris a lot for work. My favourite is a Balmain white and gold blazer as it’s style is a lot like the French Riviera, and it reminds me of holidays I have taken along the Cote d’azur.

LO: Name one thing money cannot buy:

Steph: Manners, kindness and grace.

LO: Name one thing money can buy:

Steph: It can support those that are less fortunate and children who have learning difficulties, who need extra support. Without that care, it often becomes more difficult for them.

LO: Are you supporting any charitable organisations?

Steph: Yes I’m currently supporting ‘Save the Children Foundation’ that helps children in need. I’ve been using my platform over the last 12 years to support various charities from breast cancer and aids research and charities that support children with learning difficulties.


Team credits:

Model: Steph Adams

Photographer: Louise Betaille

Makeup Artist: Lea Tome

Hair Artist: Clotide Laisne


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