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A sit down with two of the best professionals in the field - director of Palace Merano - Maximilian Newiger and world's top medical expert - Dr. Massimiliano Mayrhofer.
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Palace Merano is among the world's leading beauty and healthcare resorts. Could you tell us what really makes it number one, according to you?

Maximilian Newiger: Merano, which has always been considered a health resort, has been one of the most important health resorts in Europe since the 19th century: the mild air and the barely perceptible transitions from the hot to the cold season make the city ideal for recovery and psychophysical strengthening. at any time of the year.

In this setting and surrounded by unspoiled nature, Palace Hotel Merano is a historic hotel, the first Medical SPA globally. It offers guests the highest quality comforts of service in an elegant atmosphere. With the wisdom of the Revital team of professionals, who have been collaborating for over 20 years, a stay in Merano is a unique experience.

Preventive health programs are constantly monitored by specialized health personnel and aim at the elimination of toxins, energy recovery, and the start of weight loss. The individualization of treatment paths is able to re-establish a more harmonious lifestyle in line with oneself.

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Maximilian Newiger, General Manager of Palace Merano © Francine Kreiss © Palace Merano; Dr. Massimiliano Mayrhofer

The hotel offers a grand variety of procedures designed for different purposes and directed in different directions. Could you please elaborate on the general process and how that is combined with the help of new technology during treatment at Palace Merano?

Dr. Massimiliano Mayrhofer: "Physical and mental fatigue originates in the lifestyle we lead, in a daily life that exposes us to multiple types of stress that can negatively affect our cognitive abilities and physical performance. Frantic rhythms, insufficient motor activity, and incorrect eating habits lead to a worsening of the general state of health and to a body overweight that can expose us to serious diseases." The treatment programs at Palace Hotel Merano are to be repeated at least twice a year and are aimed at maintaining the general state of health, weight loss, and stress reduction.

Thanks to personalized check-ups, rapid biological analyzes (thanks to the internal analysis laboratory), and modern instrumental diagnostics (such as bone and body densitometry with Dexa scanner) you can get a precise picture of the client's state of health. The subsequent interpretation made by the medical staff recommends the most suitable treatment path to follow for the entire week of treatment. All this is completed by the aesthetic medicine department which, thanks to high-tech treatments (Plasmozonic - Rexonage - Indiba - Robolex - LPG, are some examples) corrects and improves imperfections in a natural way for a rediscovered sense of psychophysical well-being.

Palace Merano has recently launched the program's newest addition – a range of detox concepts summed up in the Revital Method. Can you tell us a little bit more about this latest extension and what makes it so effective?

Dr. Massimiliano Mayrhofer: In addition to the classic REVITAL DETOX and REVITAL SPORT programs, REVITAL MEDICAL DETOX is also available. It involves recovery in 4 days of treatment and is based on strengthening the immune system. In addition to the detox diet, energy massages, hydrotherapy, and naturopathy treatments, it also includes additional modules with vitamin drips, ozone therapy, and fitness sessions with a personal trainer.

The course is very effective and allows the achievement of treatment goals in a shorter time. The program is constantly monitored by specialized medical personnel and can be extended to a full week of treatment based on availability.

Covid has been a challenge for all of us and has affected very many different spheres of life. How is Palace Merano doing after the pandemic? What is your personal post-Covid vision for the hotel?

Maximilian Newiger: The pandemic was an emergency situation that called into question various aspects of private and working life. Palace Hotel Merano as a COVID-FREE unit used all the health protocols necessary to avoid infections and carried out constant checks on all staff on duty. Customers were able to access the structure in total safety.

In the last 2 years, so special, Palace Hotel Merano has created the new Revital brand and a whole new corporate identity, two new lines of natural herbal teas, and the exclusive Revital cosmetic line. Important renovation works of the structure have been restored and completed, such as the lift with direct access to SPA treatments from the new castle suites. Several projects have been completed while maintaining high attention and customer service.

Palace Hotel Merano together with the entire historical team is now ready to welcome its guests again and offer the inevitable and exclusive health programs, with the same style that has always distinguished it in Europe and in the world.

Speaking of new… There are some new suites that have been opened on the rooftop of the Castle that has direct access to the medical center and spa zone. Can you share with us a little bit about these new luxurious apartments? 

Maximilian Newiger: The history of the Palace Hotel in Merano begins in 1905 when the well-known entrepreneur Peter Delugan decides to build a luxury hotel to meet the needs of the aristocrats. The hotel was built in 18 months and completed in 1906; closely linked to the history of the hotel is the adjacent Castle Maur, with which a connection to the hotel was created in 1929.

Palace Merano is a building that shapes the face of the city of Merano throughout the 19th century, is under the protection of cultural heritage, and receives the award as "Historic Hotel of the year 2022".

The recent renovation of the attic floor of the Maur Castle allows for the creation of two exclusive luxury suites overlooking the park and botanical garden, as well as the creation of a private lift with a direct connection to the SPA treatments. The Castello Rooftop Suite Deluxe measures 140 square meters, and has two private bathrooms and two bedrooms (sold separately) as well as a large living room with a lounge. The Castello Rooftop Comfort Suite is opposite and measures 70 square meters with a view of Merano and the surrounding mountains.

The Castle is a place of history, refinement, and beauty designed to make guests feel at home; a magical place, where our staff can satisfy every need to give you a unique experience full of well-being.

It is well known that Palace Merano has its own LB LYOpharm scientific laboratory. What products are developed there?

Maximilian Newiger: Lyopharm is the research and development department of Hotel Palace Merano. Over the years, the research carried out in the nutritional and cosmetic fields lead to the creation of very high-quality products based on the freeze-drying technique. The freeze-drying process consists in removing the water from the product by freezing and subsequent heating at a controlled temperature and under vacuum. This technology makes it possible to maintain the quality and properties of the product that is freeze-dried unaltered; it is the only dehydration method that perfectly preserves the structure of the different molecules that compose it.

The laboratory, based in Bolzano, uses high-tech tools to test and market specific products such as nutritional supplements, dietary products and cosmetics. They are very innovative and performing products that accompany the guest both during the stay and in the period dedicated to after-care. They are easy to take on the road.

There is a shop, where it is possible to purchase different teas, nutrition products, and cosmetics. How to make the correct choice when selecting products there?

Maximilian Newiger: The Revital Shop offers a wide range of specific products to choose from during and after the weekly treatment program at Palace Hotel Merano.

Thanks to the personalized program and based on each specific need, the medical and therapeutic staff are able to suggest diet products, natural food supplements, and cosmetics that are most in line with your personal profile. Useful tips are given that can be followed at home to maintain the extraordinary sensation of well-being obtained, even after treatment.

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Do you see yourselves expanding to other locations?

Maximilian Newiger: We care very much about Palace Hotel Merano and the constant maintenance of a high level of staff and service offered to customers. The team of professionals, doctors, and therapists, who have been following us here for over 20 years has always been the same. We remain focused on Merano as the only location.

And last, but not least. With summertime approaching fast, we were curious if you have any special summer preparation concepts to help feel ready for the warm season? Perhaps some basic advice or special programs for clients? 

Dr. Massimiliano Mayrhofer: We have finalized several modules to be combined with REVITAL DETOX care, such as the CELLULITE LIGHT and CELLULITE INTENSIVE CARE BY OZONE packages. They combine SPA treatments, such as anti-cellulite massage and lymphatic drainage, with mechanical aesthetic medicine treatments such as Robolex and Digital Press, and Ozone therapy and Homeo-mesotherapy. The latter technique is painless and treats the combination of homeopathy and acupuncture; from a dermatological-aesthetic point of view, it has an effective action to fight cellulite and promote skin firming and lymphatic circulation.

From a dietary point of view, to combat cellulite it is first of all necessary to hydrate properly, increase the intake of fiber and limit the use of salt and sugar. A diet aimed at reducing cellulite blemishes must be based on foods with an anti-inflammatory and alkalizing action that promotes the proper functioning of the microcirculation and digestive system, promoting the effective elimination of toxins.

The consumption of vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and dried fruit (such as, for example, almonds and walnuts, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, chia, and sesame) should be favored, monitoring their quantities. In the Revital herbal tea line, the Liver Detox herbal tea and the Diuretic herbal tea are preferred. Among the freeze-dried Revital teas, very easy to take on the go, the most suitable are the White & Gray teas, with nettle, birch, green mate, licorice, and coriander. 

Revital Medical Team: Dr. Massimiliano Mayrhofer, Director of Revital Treatments and Dr. Silvano Mascadri, Medical Director

Pictures: © Palace Merano

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