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Swiss Destination: The Most Unusual Hotels to Recharge Your Batteries

Switzerland is known for its spectacular and mesmerising alpine scenery, its delicious chocolate food and luxurious designs. The country is harmoniously gathering cities and nature and is hiding unusual hotels to make your holiday break calm, exciting and new.
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Null Stern - The Only Star is You

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No walls, no ceilings, no bathroom, the new adventurous hotel has everything to surprise you.

Sleeping under the stars in the most comfortable double bed you could experience, surrounded by the tranquillity of the Swiss Alps, exists thanks to the conceptual artists Frank and Patrik Riklin.

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Null Stern enables you to immerse yourself in nature at 1200 meters above sea level every evening between spring and fall. The 360° view in the middle of nature is diving you at the summit of Göbis, near Gonten. You will be taken care of by a “modern butler”, in fact, a farmer, who will be dress in a sumptuous outfit to welcome you.

The new concept of the simple-minimalist hotel has already seduced tourists who booked their beds even before it has been officially opened.

Tempted by this unique adventure?

Whitepod Eco-Luxury Hotel

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It may sound like a cliché and feel expected to sleep in a pod in winter, surrounded by the incredible white snow landscapes,but the 1 400 metres high location welcomes you anytime during the year.


The creator Sofia de Meyer whose original idea was “to provide a haven of peace and beauty for those of you seek to rest their tired body and stressed mind” developed a white pod space with a large open glass window to offer a spectacular view to her guests.

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The luxurious eco-friendly private home estate offers you 25 km of marked trails for hikers, mountain bike courses, tandem paragliding and caning karting. It enables you to beautifully finish the day with a massage.


What is better than combining comfort with respecting the environment and enjoying bright nights in unexpected places?

Hotel Palafitte

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If you need to feel alone for a little while to focus and reconnect with yourself, take a deep breath and recharge your batteries, the hotel Palafitte is the place you need to be. The enchanting panoramic view in the middle of the Alps and the lake will fulfil you with energy.


1627498723788301 pavillon lacustre

The hotel offers individual luxury pavilions with a stunning and impressive view of Lake Neuchâtel and the Alps. More than half of them are built on stilts which guarantee you direct access to the lake.

Simplicity, luxury, and comfort are gathered in the bungalows designed by Kurt Hofmann.

The architecture and structure of the homes are an invitation to escape.

Berggasthaus Aescher-Wildkirchli

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If you are keen on hiking and like to wear out your shoes, access to the Aescher Berggasthaus Hotel is a journey in itself more than a finality.

The hotel has been ambitiously built at the bottom of a rock, at an altitude of over 100 metres. If you are sporty, you need to overpass the charming Seealp Lake and climb up the Äscher mountain to have some rest in the hotel (…or you can take the cable car).

1627499188777178 appenzell wildkirchli

On the mountainside of a 2500m high cliff, the unexpected location and striking landscapes can be surprising for those scared of heights. Still, the traditional culinary experience might cheer you up pretty quickly.

The panoramic view, the sound of the bells and the fresh air will enable you to reconnect with nature and take a break from the stressful and dynamic life of the cities.

Felsenhotel La Claustra

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What if you could experience – in a more luxurious and comfier atmosphere – the cave Plato's allegory was subject to?

Located under rocks and initially built as a former army fortress at an altitude of 2050 metres, the strange hotel La Claustra is a treasure full of discovery and uniqueness.

1627500329545925 la claustra aussenansicht 3

Under the mountain, time does not count as in your office, but you would instead feel suspended or unlimited. It is then the best time to relax, enjoying the spa and taste the delicious dinner they prepared warmly.

This hotel is a kind mountain resort that you would immensely enjoy if you are not afraid to stay underground and is the perfect spot for an original getaway accommodation.

Cabane Monte-Rosa

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Nicknamed “Rock Crystal” the mirrored façade hotel has been conceptualised by the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich is allying beauty, comfort and respect of the environment.

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The view is palatial, even from inside the hotel. The luxury is rare at this altitude, 2883 metres, which overlooks the Gorner Glacier. The cabane is, then naturally, the ideal starting point for alpine hikes.

Booking a room in this hotel will guarantee you an adventurous and pleasant trip surrounded by nature and moving scenery.

Tschuggen Grand Hotel

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The Tschuggen Grand Hotel - Leading Hotels of the World situated in 1800 metres high at the heart of spectacular landscapes is an oasis luxury.

Entirely designed by the talented architect Mario Botta with a contemporary style and the interior architect Carlo Rampazzi, lover of noble materials, the 128 rooms have been with a precious sense for details.

1627547605838461 tschuggen grand hotel 28

Multiple activities are completing the quality journey, like playing golf on one of the highest courses in Europe, taking part in balloon excursions, and practising activities such as paragliding or benefit from free boat rental. You will not have time to get bored!

The hotel's unique design is privileging your well-being, and it is a unique opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Swiss landscapes while taking care of yourself.

These seven unusual hotels located in unexpected spots are the best place to admire changing landscapes and be closer to nature.

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