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Planning to Visit France in the Summer? These Coastal Cities Are a Must

France is widely recognized for its romantic aura. However, a big traveler’s mistake is only visiting Paris instead of exploring the delight behind the magical views, sounds and atmosphere of its enigmatical coastal towns.
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It is true that there are some cities that are just hard to forget. Now imagine a country that is full of astonishing towns along its different regions. This is the case of France. Whether you decide to go on an enchanting and chic trip to the Côte d’Azur, spend some relaxing days in Corsica or go all the way north to its magnificent dunes and white-sand beaches, France has all the options you were looking for during the summer. Dare to discover some of its hidden coastal gems.


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Nice is one of those cities worth visiting every now and then. It has a very relaxing, yet vibrant atmosphere. Located in the beautiful south of France, this exciting, colorful town has some Italian vibes in its architecture and gastronomy. Its Promenade des Anglais, which has an extension of 7 km, is the most important attraction in town. Take some time to walk, jog or ride a bike through this boulevard to enjoy amazing views of the Mediterranean Sea. Additionally, there is a beach area if you prefer to lie down under the Sun or take a refreshing dip in the water.


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This is a small but very touristic town located in the French Riviera, and it is close to Nice, so you can either spend an entire relaxing weekend in Cannes or only opt for a day trip from Nice. It is widely famous for its film festival held annually in May, and for its beautiful La Croisette, the most iconic and luxurious boulevard in town. You can enjoy a soothing stroll along this street while doing some fashion shopping, or even decide to stay at one of its many deluxe hotels, which are the best in Cannes.


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Saint-Tropez is the epitome of luxury at its finest. It is very popular for its beautiful beaches and captivating beach clubs, the most luxurious yachts and boutiques, its vivacious nightlife, and its charming old town. Without a doubt, this is the place you go if all you want is to visit a glamourous, stylish, and resort-like village along the French Riviera.


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Even though the south of France is one of the most visited destinations during the summer season, there are many other French regions worth considering for an amazing getaway. Normandy, for instance, holds an amusing treasure: Étretat. This town is well-known for its breathtaking cliffs and rock formations. You can take a walk along its seaside boulevard or enjoy amazing views at the beach, and visit the Étretat Gardens, which is one of France’s hidden wonders. It is a place where art, nature and culture converge.


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This beautiful and classy city is located in the southwestern coast of France. It is the perfect place to discover interesting aspects about French history, architecture, and gastronomy, and you will be stunned by its villas, beaches, and surfing activities. In fact, the city is recognizable for being a surfing paradise, and for holding some of the most stylish restaurants near the beach. This is definitely a desirable destination that blends surf, culture and luxury in a unique way.



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