What Manicure You Should Get According to Your Zodiac Sign

Show some personality with these astrological sign-approved manicures and nail art.
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Step up your manicure game with nail art inspired by your astrological sign. Each and every one of the 12 zodiac signs has different qualities and personality traits which can be easily communicated aesthetically through a well polished and colored nail. While Leos opt for fun and bold colors, Cancers prefer shimmery silvers reminiscent of the moon, and Taureans, like Lana Condor, love something beautiful with details like crystals or soft colors. To add an extra layer of fun to your next manicure, L'OFFICIEL rounds up nail art and polish recommendations to inspire each zodiac sign.


As the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries needs a manicure that is flashy and bold. Ruled by warrior Mars and the element of fire, it's no wonder that red is the color for this sign. Check out OPI's Red Nail Lacquer Collection for fierce shades such as Big Apple Red or Chanel's Longwear Nail Colour in Rouge Puissant.


Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and abundance, Taurus likes beautiful things and can pull off pastel colors like no other sign. Baby pink, pale blues and greens, and light yellow all match the earthy sign's luxurious approach to life. Try out Smith & Cult's Exit the Void or Essie's pale green Chillato.


Bubbly and chatty Gemini needs a nail color that pops out as much as their flirty personality. Yellow corresponds with the sign, so opt for a bright version, such as Nail's Inc's Living Your Best Life. For a polish with some sparkle, try China Glaze's Gold Mine Your Business.


Charming and intuitive Cancer, ruled by the moon and the element of water, calls for a polish that reminds of the beauty of this astronomical body. Silver represents the moon, so a shimmery color such as Sephora Collection's Engagement Ring or Pacifica's Valhalla will do just perfect for the moody crab.


Center of attention seekers, Leos are naturals at attracting the spotlight. Ruled by the sun, these wild cats expect to shine just as brightly at every occasion, and a neon nail will make them feel like the King of the Jungle. Try Côte's No. 115 green or Nails Inc.'s whole Naked in Neon polish set.


The pragmatic and picky Virgo expects attention to detail and organization from everyone. The hardworking sign's earthy element makes it attracted to grounding earth tones polishes such as Mented's Yes We Tan or Dior's taupe Palais Royal.


Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, Libra can be quite the heartbreakers. But they are known equally for their romanticism as their indecisiveness. Thankfully, for nails you don't have to choose just one color. Try out a whole palette with a modern French manicure. Olive and June's Summer Set includes seven fun shades to test out, whether alone or all at once.


Stinging and mysterious Scorpios are the sign of transformation in the zodiac, and as a result, they are represented by the Death card in the tarots. These Water signs are as intense and dark as they seem, so rocking black nails or a witchy oxblood color feels natural. Butter London's Union Jack Black Patent Shine or Chanel's Le Vernis in Interdit will do the trick for secretive Scorpios.


Sagittarius has to be free and independent to explore. Represented by the archer, this Fire sign loves travel and adventure, and as their personality is that of a natural born leader, Sagittarians will love the vibrancy of a red manicure. For the ultimate fiery shade, try the Dior Vernis in Rouge 999, the iconic Dior red.


Capricorns are one of the most reliable signs, and while they can be read as conservative and responsible, don't ever think for a second that means they are boring. For practical and chic choice, a trendy brown shade like Essie's Truth or Bare or Static Nails' Mocha will give your tips a warm touch.


Being the revolutionaries and innovators of the zodiac, Aquarians love to spend their time talking to people and thinking about ways to make the world a better place, but when it comes to their personal style, they like to be individualistic and unique as ever. This Air sign should embrace their originality and go for an unconventional nail polish like Jinsoon's Charme in bright chartreuse.


The emotional Pisces is extremely creative and psychic, and they will surely enjoy an iridescent manicure that sparkles like the sun on the vast ocean that the Water sign loves dearly. Swipe on a layer of OPI's Nauty or Ice for just the right amount of shimmer.

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