These Models Created Elegant and Sophisticated Brands

Models and entrepreneurs, these 4 brands have been created by male figures. You have seen Marco Castelli, Hugo Philip, Francisco Lachowski and Biel Juste and Joan Margarit on famous catwalks, walking for the most unique and luxurious brands, and you will hear them even more now. They are now at the heart of the most elegant and sophisticated unisex fashion brands.
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Marco Castelli

Credit: Instagram @castellimarco


Marco Castelli, the Italian model of iconic international brands like Bentley, Benetton, Breitling, Chanel, Dsquared2, Cartier, to cite a few, created his own unique, eco-friendly and sustainable brand Marco Castelli Collection.


Credit: Instagram @marcocastellicollection

Credit: Instagram @marcocastellicollection

Credit: Instagram @marcocastellicollection


Art and detailed, textured clothes are combined into his unisex creations. Coats, face masks, blazers, foulard and luxury watches can be found in his collection.

Knowing that some are in limited editions, it is time to rush into this new trend.

Hugo Philip

Credit: Instagram @hugophilip


Hugo Philip, a French model of prêt-à-porter brands like André, Le Slip Français, and also of renowned international brands like Hugo Boss, Armani or Jean-Paul Gaultier, is very well known as an influencer and more recently entrepreneur. 


Credit: Instagram @cruelpancake

Credit: Instagram @cruelpancake

Credit: Instagram @carolinereceveur


Cruel Pancake, the most fantastic streetwear brand with a strong identity and present Californian vibes, has recently launched. The good mood, unisex, oversized, modern clothes are seducing fans. Sweaters, tee-shirts, jackets and jogging are giving a skateboarder or surfer look.

Don’t wait further to purchase these items; there are small quantity drops… Drop III is coming real soon!

Francisco Lachowski

Credit: Instagram @chico_lachowski


Francisco Lachowski, the famous Brazilian model who walked for Gucci, Dior, Balmain, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Cavalli, Mugler, Armani, Dsquared2, to cite a few, is now building his own fashion brand called Till Tomorrow.


Credit: Instagram @tilltomorrow__official

Credit: Instagram @tilltomorrow__official

Credit: Instagram @tilltomorrow__official


Simple, soft, minimalist, organic clothes are flooding his website. “The clothing brand is driven by the desire to offer authentic wear that embraces self-expression and freedom of movement.”

His attractive brand is designing capsule collections and limited-edition releases, so don’t waste time and join the crew.

Biel Juste & Joan Margarit

Credit: Instagram @bieljuste


Biel Juste, a Spanish model, collaborating with Berluti, Loewe, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger to cite some, and Joan Margarit, Spanish model and influencer, created a timeless handmade unisex jewellery brand Two Jeys.


Credit: Instagram @twojeys

Credit: Instagram @twojeys

Credit: Instagram @twojeys


The innovative and visionary brand enables people to buy their items with cryptocurrency money on their websites. Accessibility, sustainability and quality is what makes their brand modern and popular.

Two Jeys gathers and are made for everyone. Its originality, creativity, newness is attracting people from around the world.



We just zoomed in on 4 of the most talented fashion entrepreneurs.

You now know everything to have a perfect style ever!

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